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Boarding School

Student Life at Taal Net

Journeying through the highways and freeways of the Province of Gauteng, you will come to the magnificent Johannesburg.

The largest city of South Africa. Egoli, the city of gold. Leaving its busiest life life and schedules, only 25 kilometers North East you will come to the East Rand city of Kempton Park, area code 010, postal code 1619/1620. Leaving the CBD with Monument Road, turning right into Maxwell Street you will come to Number 31 Maxwell Street.

place where lives have been changed, a place where behaviors have been moulded,a place where hope has been restored and destinies recovered. Taalnet Group of Schools Student Hostel will welcome you.


School Gallery
Boarding School in Pictures

Hostel Facilities

Taalnet Student hostel boasts on a world class state of the art dormitory facilities and modern family style living. Students have an option of staying 2 in a room or 1 person can take the whole room alone.

The room consists of either a double bunk bed which carries 2 students or 2 single beds side by side. You will find a nice, high quality wooden fitted cupboard in the room.Each student will use his or her own side

Students stay according to their ages and or grades to avoid bullying and for the sake of home works Showers are used for hygienic purposes as showers are more hygienic than bath tubs. Well trained housekeeping staff will work tirelessly every day to ensure that the facilities are always meeting world class standards

There is an open area in the room for those who want to do evening study discussions For the sake of safety, no electric jugs or iron are allowed to be used in the rooms. A common room set aside for such activities is provided. Girls and boys are expected to make their own beds and keep their rooms tidy.

Under the housekeeping is also the laundry department that handles children’s laundry. Laundry is collected every Thursday and children get their clothes on a Saturday, properly washed and ironed. Sound, tested mechanisms have been put in place to ensure that clothes are never lost at the laundry or during the laundry process.


Boarding Meals & Menu


The boarding follows a healthy menu which was prepared with special care and special considerations to the needs of a learning child every particular day. Special care will be given to vegetarians according to what they eat.

DAY BREAKFAST 06:15 TEA - 10:00 LUNCH 13:00 SUPPER 17:00
MONDAYWhite porridgeBread & Eggs, TeaSpaghetti, butternut, roast potato, beans soupPap, stewed beef, vegetables
TUESDAYMatabeleHotdogs, CoffeeRice, wors, soup, salads, fruitSamp,chicken stew, salad
WEDNESDAYOatsFat cakes, polony, TeaMacaroni, mince, cheese, juiceRice, beetroot, beef, salad
THURSDAYA C E PorridgeBread & Spread, CoffeeRolls, chips or salad, roast chickenPap,wors, vegetables, tomato gravy
FRIDAYCorn FlakesBread & Eggs, TeaRoast potato, rice, chicken stew, fruit, beetrootSamp,beans, beef stew
SATURDAYWhite porridgeBread & Polony, CoffeeMinces,sphaggetti,potato, salad, ice-creamRice, chicken, vegetables
SUNDAYOatsHotdogs, TeaRice,chicken,salad, beetroot,egg + bean + coleslaw salad, fruit +juicePap wors, onion soup, dessert jelly pudding

Food is prepared by well-trained kitchen staff under the supervision of the canteen administrator or manager who makes sure that all meals are prepared to world class standards and in a healthy and tasty manner.